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the problem

A CNC lathe produces long turnings that are carried out of the inside of the machine by a chip conveyor. In some instances, tufts of chips or extremely dangerously long turnings are formed here. They fall into a container that is placed at the end of the chip conveyor. It can happen that the chips are drawn back into the chip conveyor thus causing the machine to become obstructed. This results in high costs. The chip conveyor must be partially disassembled to eliminate the obstruction. The result is: Unnecessary machine downtime and production loss. The large volume of metal chips poses another problem. One cubic metre of metal chips contains less than 20% metal. The rest is air and coolant. The results are: • Too many disposal trips with lorries • Unnecessary environmental contamination due to leaking coolant, oils, and nitrates during transport.

The solution - the MBK-W1

The solution is the MBK-W1 chip shredder, a worldwide innovation.
This machine is the cookie monster of the metal industry. It just prefers metal to cookies. Here is how it works:
Via the integrated conveyor of the MBK-W1, the chips coming from the CNC machine are directly pulled into the chip shredder. They then pass through the blade carrier with 35 blades. The reduction factor is enormous. In the end, only 10% of the original chip volume remains due to the high efficiency and special arrangement of the blades and the carrier shaft.
The MBK-W1 is capable of processing stainless steel, aluminium, and plastics and is thus extremely flexible and can be used worldwide in the entire metal industry.



Why is the use of the MBK-W1 metal shredder also a great advantage in your company?

Up to 90% less disposal volume

Less disposal volume saves cash every day. In addition, fewer lorries on the motorways ensure less CO2 emissions, preserve the infrastructure, and reduce the levels of fine particles in the cities.

Integrated conveyors prevent the system from becoming obstructed

The world’s first chip shredder with integrated conveyor. The system conveyor can no longer become obstructed. Costly machine downtimes due to obstructions are now a thing of the past.

The solutions in detail:

Individually replaceable blades ensure simple maintenance

This feature, too, a global first. The easily replaceable individual blades offer double-sided usability and can be reground several times.

Accident prevention

The risk of injury to your employees drops to nearly zero because contact with the long, sharp metal chips is avoided. This minimises staff shortages.

Can be flexibly combined with any CNC machine

Regardless whether as an attachment kit or as an insertion module, the MBK-W1 fits on any CNC machine that is currently available in the market. In addition, it can be ordered in various widths and thus adapts perfectly to your existing systems.

Higher resale value of the recycling material

Shredding reduces the oil and grease residues. The shredded material is therefore significantly more compact and cleaner. Use of the MBK-W1 eliminates the need for the additional step of briquetting.

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Trouble free/ no twisted balls formations

By attaching the chip-eater at the bottom, directly in the horizontal line of the conveyor, the chips are first crushed and then conveyed upwards. This method prevents a clogging of the machine.